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Ayvalik Sofrasi in Dining Basket

We strive to provide better quality and delicious service to our esteemed customers and strive to be accessible in every way. You can now contact us via and order.

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* Mince Pita
* Pita Bread Cubed
* Cheese Pita
* Cubed Grilled Pita Bread
* Cheese Naan Minced
* Mixed Pita


* Adana Kebab
* Urfa Kebab
* Beyti Kebab
* Tomato Kebab
* Eggplant Kebab
* Vali Kebab


* Mushroom Cheese Casserole
* Cubed Stew Meat
* Chicken Cheddar Casserole
* Chicken Casserole
* Wing Casserole
* Dumplings in The Stew


* Kellepaç to SOUP
* Lentil SOUP
* Chicken SOUP


* Raw Meatballs 
* Albanian Liver
* Haydari
* Spicy Paste
* Beet Pate
* Beets With Yogurt
* Carrot Tarator


* Shepherd Salad
* Season Salad
* Chopping Knife Salad

Our Mission & Our Vision

Our mission...
Our mission as Ayvalik sofrası family is to have the tastes of our culture by adhering to the traditions of every period and to carry these tastes from past to present in the original form and to bring this harmony of taste that is based on Ottoman cuisine together with today's people.

Our vision...
Our vision as Ayvalik softasi family is to be a well-known and desirable brand in our country and international community by making the high quality products and services we offer better with gastronomy and technological applications which are well-developed with this heritage which is left from Ottoman palace cuisine.

Ayvalık Sofrası Family

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